How we work to help you

Every company has its own unique strengths as well as its challenges. Blueprint works best when leveraging the great work you already do to generate more new business for your company.

We'll get to know you and the areas where you already excel so we can tailor a plan to use your strengths and skills. Our expert business development team can then provide just the right services to work alongside you and achieve your objectives.


Gathering insights to create the best strategy for your business

Introduction and discovery

We'll begin by understanding and outlining your objectives and how you currently manage business development. This is our opportunity to find out everything about your business, products and services and what you're looking to achieve.

Planning and strategy

With these insights, we'll work on a plan to achieve your goals. We have a number of tried and tested strategies which deliver proven results and we're always innovating to find new routes to success. We'll work out the best fit for you.

Talent matching

Based on your company profile and the activity to be delivered, we'll find the most effective person for your project. Our experienced sales professionals have extensive backgrounds across a range of business development roles. We'll find the best match for you.


Setting you up for success

Systems and set up

We'll work with your existing CRM system or help to set up a new one if that's part of the brief. We have an extensive knowledge of sales management systems and can make recommendations for one to suit you. At this stage, we'll also get email accounts and any other systems set up ready for action.

Targeting markets

We can work with your existing data or manually research a target list according to the project plan and your ideal client profile. For more information, see our services page.

Training and orientation

Once we've matched the best agent to your project, we'll work with you to train that individual on your products, services and company profile. Together, we will set targets and agree how we're delivering leads to you.


Experienced business development with a focus on results


We'll keep you involved and updated with regular reporting on call stats, feedback from prospects and updates on opportunities. Regular visibility means we can adapt our activity according to results and keep you informed of progress.

Regular review

Over time, your business development needs will evolve. We'll regularly review our activity, results and changes in the market to make sure we're staying ahead of the curve.


We believe that the key to success in business development is consistent activity. Our agents take a methodical approach and ensure all leads are properly qualified and developed to deliver the highest quantity and quality of new business opportunities.


One of the key advantages of working with us is that we'll manage your business development for you. We have years of experience managing sales performance against target and we know how to motivate and get the best from our team.