Blueprint's clients fall into two categories. First of all we set out to help creative agencies to improve their sales processes and increase their volume of business opportunities. These agencies vary from creative to strategic, branding to digital, content, tech, marketing, advertising and everything in between. We understand agencies and the unique challenges they face.

Secondly, we work with ad-tech businesses. Specifically, start-up or small to medium companies with a tech or software product. Our experienced team has a strong tech background so we're great at targeting markets and making an impact.

We focus on introducing you to your target brands. A senior sales team works to acquire clients from a strategically targeted list and this is how we operate on your behalf. As ever, the commercial objective is always at the heart of our activity.

Depending on your target sector, client size, budgets and other qualifying criteria we'll work to deliver opportunities which match your ideal customer profile. We're at  home speaking to board level decision makers from the world's biggest and best-known brands, so there's no limit to what we can deliver for you.