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Case Studies

Our first objective is always to deliver a return on your investment. Business development exists for the purpose of meeting a commercial objective and we take this seriously.

We're delivering a solid return for our clients. They say sales is a numbers game, and these numbers don't lie...

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Livestream provides a complete set of hardware and software tools for event owners to share their events live online. Founded in 2007 and with headquarters in New York, Livestream has a following of over 40 million event viewers each month. 

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The brief 

The monumental success and 10,000+users of Livestream up until now has been built entirely on inbound business. In April 2015, Livestream engaged with Blueprint to trial a new outbound business development strategy. 

Blueprint was tasked over a six-week period with sourcing and researching event managers and arranging 50 introductory online demos for the Livestream sales team. 

The target: 50 demos across six weeks. 

The delivery 

Blueprint organically researched 1,000 qualified event management contacts and scheduled 94 demos. Livestream attended 50 of these demos and 25 opportunities were identified. As a direct result, Livestream won six new clients with £65,000 in recurring annual revenue. 

Outlay: £5,000. Return £65,000

They said... 

"I went to Frances as I needed someone I could trust with proving this concept. by leveraging talented people with a sales background, it meant our project was understood quickly and the team adapted to changes with ease. They felt like an extension of my team and exceeded my expectation. It was a pleasure working with them." 


Mahdi Motamedi 

Director of Live Video Business Development, Livestream

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Worship is an ecommerce website agency which specialises in conversion rate optimisation and building high-converting ecommerce websites. Formed in 2009, Worship works solely with ecommerce businesses helping to turn web traffic into sales. 

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The brief

Blueprint worked with Worship to trial a new method of proactive business development for the agency. Blueprint was tasked with researching decision-makers within ecommerce businesses and scheduling demos to highlight where they could improve sales conversions through their website. 


The target: 20 demos across two months. 

The Delivery

Across the two months, Blueprint hand-picked 450 ecommerce businesses to approach and delivered 30 demos for Worship. Of those 30, Worship won two new clients with total revenue of £66K. 

Outlay: £6,000. Return: £66,000


They said... "The team at Blueprint were able to secure 30 demos for us over 2 months which resulted in 2 new clients. They understood the market so briefing them was easy and they were able to get up to speed on the project quickly. We would definitely recommend Blueprint's services to anyone in the creative sector looking to master the dark art of new business for digital agencies!" 


Nina Mack

Managing Director, Worship Digital